Our suits are made to measure, cowhide or kangaroo leather, 100% personalized you can insert your logos of sponsors or preferred brands, your designs will be realized by PAKOREA SPORTS.

For your maximum safety our suits have protections on the shoulders, elbows and knees to CE standards.
For optimum strength, seams are tripled at exposed locations in the event of a fall.
A special anti-slip “PAKOREA SPORTS” grip is sewn inside the knees for better grip against the tank.

We did not neglect your comfort, thanks to the neoprene parts at the base of the collar.
The bust is micro-perforated for good ventilation.
For good mobility on the bike the PAKOREA suits have stretch Kevlar parts under the arms, at the crotch and behind the knees.

Elbow and knee sliders are supplied with the suit.
It is possible on request to integrate a camel bag in the hump of the back.
Our suits come with a fixed or removable liner.

We also produce boots and gloves in standard sizes.

On request we can also realize the special combination for sidecars and supermoto drivers.

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